Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bollywood Brass Band

This brass band hails from the UK. They describe themselves as Indian-style, using such instruments as tabla and dhol drums, and performing the music of the greatest Indian films. Much of the spotlight during their shows is given to the drummers, who employ complex Indian rhythms as well as funk and hip hop rhythms.

Kočani Orkestar

Kočani Orkestar is a Romani brass band hailing from Kočani, Macedonia and is known for their blend of funk and Balkan brass. Their song "Siki, siki baba" is featured on the soundtrack to the movie Borat, even though the song has no connection with Kazakhstan. The band's leader, Naat Veliov, has actually filed a lawsuit against the makers of Borat for unauthorized use of their song!

This is my favorite group I've blogged about so far. Intricate, driving rhythms, even a little bit of Latin influence!

Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

Jaipur Kawa uses a brass ensemble in combination with Indian melodies and percussion. Most of their pieces have the brass playing all in unison on the melody/raga, but it makes for an interesting listen.

The creator and artistic director of Jaipur Kawa is Hameed Khan, a renowned musician who chooses their varied repertoire. The band includes a singer (who sings the melody and is the focal point of each track) a dancer and even a fakir (sword swallower). They often play in parades as well as on stage.